About the artist - Robbi Ling Montgomery

Robbi Ling Montgomery

I live in semi-rural Northern Illinois. I lived in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota for most of my life, until retirement brought me to Illinois. I earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota.

I worked in healthcare in Minnesota for 40 years as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and Educator. Between family life and career, I didn’t have the time or opportunity to explore my artistic side until after retirement. I thought of myself primarily as a scientist during my working-life, but used my creativity for problem-solving in the laboratory and designing education units and methods. Although I had an interest in photography, I didn’t get beyond the point-and-shoot stage until after I retired from my career. I bought a DSLR camera and enrolled in photography classes at the Regenstein School of the Chicago Botanic Garden. I started out in a program for documenting nature but soon discovered that I enjoyed the courses in fine art and abstract photography. I have now completed two certificate programs at the school.

Through these courses I explored techniques for post-processing, using computer software to create works of art from my photographs. My science and technology background now enhance my creative skills. I find great joy in shooting a beautiful photograph but also tremendous fulfillment when I find hidden beauty in my photographs through post-processing.

When wandering with my camera, I am drawn to the graceful shapes in nature as well as to vibrant color. Though much of the year in the northern clime where I live is lacking in color, I can find it in my photographs with the help of my computer.

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